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Dating Judges Postcards

The Royal Mail first allowed the sending of privately-produced illustrated cards (picture postcards) in September 1894, and many millions have been bought and posted since that date. It is, therefore, sometimes difficult to actually date a particular image, if as is usual, no date is actually printed on the card. Even a postmarked postcard may be misleading as it might well have laid unsold or unused for several years before being mailed. However, using the table below it is now possible to approximately date the many thousands of postcard images produced by Judges Postcards. Judges postcards reached the following serial numbers as follows: 

  • No. 7400 in 1921


  • No. 9347 in 1927


  • No. 12971 in 1930


  • No. 15323 in 1932.


  • No. 22430 in 1939.


  • If you can add any further dates and serial numbers to this list, please get in touch. 




Question: What date is this Judges Postcard? Answer: Date your Judge postcards using this table. Completely free!

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