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Display Your Own Collection

Do you collect old picture postcards, either topographical or subject based? Would you like to see the best of your postcards displayed on the internet for the whole world to see and comment on?

This website offers FREE webspace to any old picture postcard collector.

Here's how to get your own webpage on the Old Picture Postcard site:

  • First send me an Email with your basic information using the contact form. 

  • I'll then email you back and you can then send JPG scans of the postcards you wish to display as email attachments. Postcards can be of any one topographical location; subject or theme. Minimum - 10. Maximum - 50. If you have only one or two postcards to display, please use the Postcard Museum website.

  • Provide descriptions for each postcard together with any text you'd like included on your page. This text can be as short or long as you desire.

  • Decide whether you'd like visitor rating and comments to be allowed on your postcard collection pages. Also if you'd like any of your images to be used as e-cards by visitors.

  • Choose the address you'd like for your webpage (for example www.oldpicturepostcard.co.uk/the name of your collection)

That's it. We'll do the rest!

Examples of collector submitted webpages to date: Comic; Nazi

Any collector with his own webpage(s) on our old picture postcard website can also have his own free email address and account. Address: yourname@oldpicturepostcard.co.uk

All scans will have the website address added to help safeguard your images against copying.

Editor note: This website started out as a way to display my own collection of risque ladies and railways on old picture postcards. I have unlimited storage space and bandwidth, so this 'free webspace for collectors' service costs me nothing, except a bit of time making the pages. Your pages are completely free; yours for as long as I have the website; and with no strings attached. Get your space now!





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