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old image montacute

An old picture postcard of the main street through Montacute, Somerset, c.1914. St. Catherine's Church in the distance.

montacute priory

A vintage picture postcard of the Priory / Abbey in the village of Montacute, near Yeovil, in south Somerset. This one posted in 1911.

Montacute house

 The Borough, Montacute, Somerset. This picture postcard dates from around 1905.



Montacute house

Montacute House in Montacute, Somerset, c.1930

Montacute House Somerset

A postcard depicting Montacute House in 1904

montacute church

An old picture postcard of St. Catherine's Church in the village of Montacute in the south of Somerset.

montacute abbey farm

An advertising postcard of Abbey Farm, Montacute. Produced by St. Ivel as part of the 'Beautiful Homes near Yeovil' series.


An interactive satellite map of the Montacute area. Use the arrows to move and + and - buttons to zoom in and out and explore the area.

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