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Postcard Links

Links to selected websites on picture postcards or postcard collecting.

Electronic Postcards

Digital Postcards - electronic internet postcards

Postcards - one of the busiest sites where you can send an e-card via the internet

Online Postcard Collections

Old Postcards - a place to display your own collection of postcards. Free!

Florida Postcard Collection - an American online postcard collection

Kentucky Library and Museum Collection - a splendid online postcard collection

Medical History Postcard Collection - a collection of several hundred medical postcards.

Rarely Seen Richmond - another online postcard exhibition well worth checking out.

The University of Delaware Postcard Collection - a large and well organised postcard online exhibition

Postcard Magazines

Reflections of a Bygone Age - Publishers of the Picture Postcard Magazine and Annual. A must for collectors!

Print Your Own Postcards

Postcards - probably the leading web-based Postcard printers.

Modern Postcards - another online postcard printer.




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  See also: Somerset Links

Historic photographic images and old picture postcards of the south west of England (Devon, Dorset, Somerset) with interactive maps of the town or village and area around as it is today. A virtual museum of the towns and villages of the west of England. Places to stay in the area. Buy vintage and collectible  postcards from our online postcard store.

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