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The Old Picture Postcards website is intended both as an introduction to the wonderful hobby pastime of postcard collecting and as a possible resource for local historians and genealogists. The images displayed are a selection of scans from my collection of old picture postcards; and, unless I happen to have duplicates, are not for sale. The picture postcards and vintage photographs featured are just a tiny sample of the many thousands of cards I have acquired over many years of collecting old postcards.

As an avid collector and hoarder, I have inevitably built up a large quantity of postcards, which don't really fit in to my own core collecting areas. These cards have been amassed over many years of buying and collecting old postcards through individual purchases at postcard fairs and in bulk from fellow collectors and at auction. These postcards date from the very early 1900's through to the early 1960s. As a result of these several years of almost obsessive collecting I now have a large number of postcards from all over Great Britain, Ireland and Germany that I am now keen to dispose of to fellow collectors

Why not let me know what postcards or photographs you're looking for or may be interested in. I might well have what you want in my surplus stock of many thousands of old postcards and photographs. 

To receive details of postcards, which may be of interest, simply send me an email. If I have anything I will send you full details and scanned images of what I have available for the villages, towns and/or cities, which particularly interest you. If I am unable to find anything right now, I'll keep your request on file and let you know if I unearth anything up in the future. There is absolutely no obligation to buy what I might have to offer; and any sales made merely fund further acquisitions of postcards or go some way toward paying for the hosting of this Old Picture Postcard website! I am not a professional postcard dealer. Just a long-time collector of original, antique, vintage picture postcards of the counties of Somerset, Devon and Dorset in the west of England. My postcards start at the very reasonable price of just 1.00.

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Feel free to contact me on any subject relating to old postcards or the history of the locations featured on this website. I am always willing to communicate with other collectors or anyone interested in old picture postcards. I may even be able to help build your postcard collection or locate images for your genealogical research.

Finding it impossible to kick the habit of a lifetime, I also continue to buy old postcards either individually or in bulk! Good prices paid for interesting old postcards and vintage photographs.



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